Pre-Algebra 8 Semester Exam outline
Pre-Algebra 8 will take their semester exam on Tuesday, December 19th. I gave them the following outline today:
*Order of Operations
*Distributive property and combining like terms
*Exponents- Mult/Div/Power raised to a power
*Solve and graph inequalities
*Coordinate Plane
*GCF and LCM with variables
Algebra I Semester Exam Outline
Algebra I students will take their exam on Tuesday, December 19th. I gave them the following outline today:
*Equations- with geometric figures
*No solution, infinite solutions, and 1 solution equations
*Inequalities- solve and graph
*Compound inequalities- solve and graph
*Absolute value equations and inequalities (KISS)
*X- and y- intercepts
*Write equations of lines (parallel and perpendicular)
*Translate equations
*Point-Slope formula
*Real number system
Math 7 Semester Exam Outline
Math 7 will take their exam Monday, December 18th. I gave them the following outline today:
*Order of Operations
*Range, mean, median and mode
Pre-Algebra 7 Semester Exam Outline
Pre-Algebra 7 will take their exam this Thursday. Students were given the following outline:
*Order of Operations
*Absolute Value
*Distributive Property
*Exponents- Mult/Div/Power raised to a power
*Scientific Notation
*Solving Equations
*Solving and graphing inequalities

There are 80 questions on the exam, and the students will have 2 class periods to complete the exam.
Early AM due date
Each nine weeks I assign an early AM due date. This due date is optional, but I give out reward passes to those who complete 100% of their AM by this date. There is no penalty if a student does not complete 100% by this early due date. However, if they do, they will receive a reward pass that the student can use as either a No Homework Pass or add 5 points to any assignment. They can use the rewards each nine week or save them to combine together in future nine weeks.

The early AM due date for this nine weeks is this Friday, September 22.
Calendar of Events
August 10: Charleston Wrap Fundraiser begins
August 15: Mass at 1:40
August 18: Mobile Planetarium Grades 1-8
August 19: Back to School Picnic 5-8pm
August 21: Nashville / Solar Eclipse Field Trip
August 23: Mass at 7:40 in the gym. All are welcome.
August 25: Denim Day to benefit the Hernando Social Services
August 30: Mass at 7:40 in the gym. All are welcome.
September 4-5: Labor Day Holidays
Mercy Knows No Boundaries August
Hernando Social Service Office, our six social service offices provide advocacy, adult life skills, emergency food, clothing, emergency gasoline and utility assistance for those living in poverty within the five counties in northwest Mississippi. The Hernando office services Hernando, Eudora and parts of Nesbit and Lake Cormorant. The sizzling summer temperatures have made for a long list of clients in need of utility assistance. Our social service ministers have also been busy working on the “Dress a Child” program assisting disadvantaged children with their school needs. Your Denim Day support will help keep homes cool, bellies full and get children ready for school!
I will, again, use the text messaging app, Remind. To sign up for your child's class, follow the given directions.

Every class will text to the number 81010
Enter the following message depending on the class you are in.
6A: @schu6a
6B: @schu6b
Math 7: @schu7math
Pre-Algebra 7: @schu7pa
Pre-Algebra 8: @schu8pa
Algebra I: @schualg

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Middle School Demerit System